My passion has always been to work in the apparel industry. Fashion is everything to me, and I truly think a multitude of careers in the industry could make me happy. So when I graduated college, everyone expected me to move to New York. COUNTLESS questions of  “You’re not moving to New York? When are you moving? Oh you’re staying in Michigan? You can’t do fashion here!” Well people, here’s my rebuttal:

I love New York. I spent 3 months there last summer with an amazing internship. I love the sights (not smells), the people, the culture, the fashion, everything. It truly may be the greatest city on earth. However, when I graduated, I had a mountain of college debt, medical bills and other expenses. I know most people will say “Don’t let money hold you back!”- and I didn’t. I chose to take a strategic path to my career. I may be playing it safe by some standards- but I’m happier than I’ve ever been and I finally feel like I’ve got my life together- for now.

In June, I started working at an incredible media company. They publish Detroit’s biggest magazine, as well as some other big players in the market. I was hired to work in the advertising department on-you guessed it- their fashion oriented publications. Of course I do the sales for non-fashion pubs as well, but it’s the fashion ones that really have my heart. I have learned so much in the 8 months I’ve been here. I’ve learned how to work with corporate fashion houses, how to construct a luxury magazine, how to sell and so much more. I love this job, and I’ll be forever grateful that I stayed here and got to work for such an amazing company.

I am so proud of all my friends that took the leap and moved to New York, L.A., or wherever U.S.A. to chase their dreams. It’s inspiring and I wish all the best for each one of them. But what I’ve learned through the countless looks of disappointment when I didn’t book a one way ticket to the Big Apple, is that it’s okay not to do what everyone else is doing.

Follow your own path, live your own life, and hopefully along the way, you find yourself really, really happy.




2 thoughts on “NYC-Usoon

  1. We need young talent here in Detroit to help bring industry here, and you are doing just that! Detroit is an awesome place to be as a young professional! We may not have the hottest runway shows, but the amount of opportunity here is overwhelming! Miss you. Love ya. Mean it.

    P.s. Let’s get coffee or lunch soon!

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