Nice Move, Anna

All I can say is KUDOS VOGUE, KUDOS. Brilliant marketing move for the magazine, and Lena is just a gem. Can’t say I LOVE all the photos, but I love what they represent– that you don’t have to be 6’2, 100 lbs to be in Vogue. Anna is making moves ya’ll. I can’t help but think what Shosh would say about this…



Not going to lie...this one scares me a bit.

Not going to lie…this one scares me a bit.


Over It

Can we agree to disagree that fashion blogs are getting a bit tired (yes, I see the irony)? Every fashion-oriented blog these days seems to feature one thing: THE BLOGGER. ” HERE’S WHAT MY HOME LOOKS LIKE. HERE’S WHAT I WORE TODAY. HERE’S THE MOISTURIZER I USE. HERE’S THE CUTE FIGURINE I PUT ON THE TRAY NEXT TO MY BED. There seems to be nothing in these truly about fashion anymore. Sure, I can appreciate seeing the creativity someone put in their outfit, or a great beauty tip. But when every single day, you post a picture of your beautifully facial-ed face and call it a high-fashion blog- I’m over it.

I believe that being a fashion blogger requires an opinion about fashion. Showcasing inspirations other than what they put on their own body that day. I don’t mean to be on a high horse condemning wildly successful blogs. They’re successful because we all relate to them to an extent, and I find myself reading them daily. I’m sure I myself will have posts of an outfit I’m proud of, or sharing what product changed my life. However, I would like to see more opinions, more inspiration, more thoughts (fashion oriented or not). I love seeing a bloggers well organized, color-coded closet as much as the next girl, but tell me what you think of the Balenciaga jacket in there, and I’m in.