Enough is Enough.

The other day, I stumbled upon a blog entitled “When Women Refuse“. I went through pages and pages of heart-wrenching stories of women being assaulted, beaten, and even killed when they refused a man’s advances. I became absolutely sick to my stomach reading those stories, thinking how those horrible things could happen to any girl I know.

There has been a lot of national attention on rape culture lately, and I am proud to see women and men around the world joining together for such an important cause. While my blood is nice and boiling, I’ve decided to compile a list for men and boys of all ages to showcase how absolutely ridiculous their entitled behavior can be:

DISCLAIMER: I am not a “man-hater”. I am just fed up with story after story of male abuse. We all should be.


1) Women are NOT objects. We are human beings, just like your mother, sisters, aunts, etc. My female status does not make me any less of a person.

2) The way we dress does not give you permission to touch our bodies or call us names. If I want to wear a short skirt, I should be able to wear it without the connotation that I am ready for you to approach me with sexual advances. It also does not make me a slut, or a whore. It makes me a person wearing clothes of my choosing.

3) A woman’s purpose in this world is not to serve a man. If I am in a loving relationship, I will do everything I can to show how much I care, love and respect my man. Women are here to do a lot of stuff greater than getting sandwiches or stroking egos.


5) That being said, if we politely decline you, do the same and politely respect our choice. It is not personal, it is us simply choosing to not accept that drink, want to dance, etc. If you are such a “man”, I am sure you will find another girl in no time.

* As women/humans, we do need to remember to be kind and polite to ALL people, even if it is some guy at a bar you are just not interested in. But if he crosses the line, all bets are off.

6) Men, I realize it takes courage to walk up to a girl and strike up a conversation. But getting angry, calling her names, creepily commenting on her body as if you have a right to it is going to get you NOWHERE. You wonder why you have to be a coward and force yourself on girls? It’s because you’re a Grade A Douche who can’t get anyone to consent. Being a gentleman goes a long way, just like being a kind woman does.

7) My body parts are not for ownership, except by me. There is nothing more insulting than a man grabbing my butt in a bar because he feels he has the right to because his is a man, GOD’S GREATEST GIFT TO EARTH.

8) This isn’t quite a statement, but a question. Men, when has cat calling, booty grabbing, trash talking a woman EVER WORKED FOR YOU. I’m serious- when is the last time you passed a girl and said “hey sexy” and she turned around and went home with you? My guess is never, because now that girl hates you and is preparing her pepper spray.

9) Every girl insulted and assaulted has a mother, father, sister, brother, etc. She has a family. How would you feel if a woman in your family was treated the same way?

10) Being a dick to girls does not make you cool, it does not make you seem dominant or any more of a man. A real man treats women with respect, as a real woman treats men with respect.

I am lucky enough to know many men that are pure gentlemen. And unfortunately I do see a lot of them get pushed aside for the bad guys. I get it. Dating and sex are a tough game to play. But when does the bad guy ever win? When does he ever live happily ever after? Men, please do not succumb to asserting your “male dominance” to get the girl. It has never worked, and nor will it as now more than ever, we are fighting back.



I got that Wintertime, Wintertime dry skin/chapped lips/ static hair

It is my pre-New Year’s resolution to write more. I love writing and sharing my obviously important insight with you all, but I also love Netflix, binge eating and bar-hopping, and I somehow I always find those more often.



As Winter creeps up on us like Kim Kardashian’s ass on my timeline, I start to search for new Winter products. Like many of you I’m sure, my skin, hair and lips go into a full catastrophic meltdown at the first gust of bitter winter air.

Over the years, I’ve formed an arsenal of winter-proof products that keep me from being scalier than that Komodo Dragon Bindi Irwin used to sing about (If no-one else remembers that, I’m extremely embarrassed for myself).



1) Due to the popularity of tights (Thank you God), women shaving their legs in the winter is at an all time low. And although I own tights more opaque than a window tint, I still try my best to keep my gams in line. Not even for the man in my life, but mostly for the girl who does my pedicures.

Image_1_Pomegranate_Raspberry_with_Razor_rev_17EOS Shave Cream$3.49.

This product is a miracle. An absolute MIRACLE. You really don’t have to use much, but it leaves your legs smoother than that first time you shaved in middle school and could finally wear skirts (Hollister here I come!!).

2) My face never fails to get incredibly dry November-March. So dry that I try not to stand too close to anyone so they can’t tell. My boyfriend doesn’t get kissed for a solid 3 months.

However now I’m macking away because this product has SAVED ME. It softly removes any dead skin and leaves you with a fresh, polished face. 100% worth the price, and I only needed to use it about 2x a week for great results.


s1314723-main-LheroLaura Mercier Face Polish$32.00.

3) STATIC HAIR. There’s really nothing else to say. I was turned onto this tip last year by a friend who was probably trying to drop a hint that my hair looked like some kid’s that kept his hand on that ball at the science center for too long. Throw a dryer sheet in your bag and run it through your hair to get rid of static. These are great because they don’t leave behind any fragrance.


Bounce Free & Sensitive Dryer Sheets$8.59.

4) Anyone that knows me knows that my number one priority and love in life is chapstick. I can’t be more than 5 feet away from it at all times. I keep multiple tubes in my car, desk, purse, nightstand, etc. just to assure I am never without. I’ve tried just about every balm on the market and this one still reigns supreme. My lips never get chapped or dry, and a little goes a long way.


5) The best hand lotion I’ve ever had comes from the same brand as my game-changing shave cream- eos. I first loved the small size and slimness of the packaging (ideal for coat pockets), but I really went head over heels for the insane amount of moisture it gives my poor cuticles and hands. Plus it doesn’t smell like Christmas threw up on me.


EOSEOS Hand Cream$1.99

Winter can be such a harsh, cruel time here in the Mid-West, so anything to help me survive is KEY. Just remember when all else fails, Florida is only a plane ride away, but vodka is cheaper and closer.